Potentially Dangerous Areas

Dangerous areas such as confined spaces requires more safety considerations. Here are some guides for safety before entering and during work in these spaces. Tanks, silos and sewers are dangerous places to work there is a huge risk for workers. These places might contain harmful gases and liquids. But these dangers appear to be harmless. For instance, we can’t see whether there is enough oxygen to breathe or not and whether there are harmful gasses or explosive gasses. The employees should be clearly aware of all the risks that they might have to face inside a confined spaces so you must learn in specialicing in maintenance.

Is the atmosphere safe?

If there are no oxygen the worker will die immediately therefore the oxygen levels should be tested. Forklift training and exit are difficult due to these risks. The levels of oxygen or any other gas can be detected by a multi-gas detector before a worker enters. The gasses which are normally tested are oxygen, whether the oxygen levels are high or low, carbon monoxide, this is a colorless and an odourless gas which can combine with iron in haemoglobin, carbon monoxide replaces oxygen so is toxic for human beings. Hydrogen sulphide has a rotten smell and is very dangerous. If any of these gasses are detected they should be mitigated in order for the worker to enter the confined space.

Enter and exit safely.

Once you know that the atmosphere is safe to enter, complete the work and know your plan to exit as quickly as possible just in case of an emergency. The work should be done carefully and methodically. Also keep in mind that you are entering this dangerous space with the plan of staying alive. Before entering it is better to plan for exit if you don’t have a plan then don’t enter. Make sure there is someone to get you out if you are incapacitated.

Other safety issues to be considered.

Once you know that it is safe to enter, you have to know that it will stay the same. But processes such as welding can increase dangerous gas levels. Fans and turbines should be turned off while the worker is working inside the confined space. Multi-gas detectors emit alarms when there is possible danger so make sure that you know where your team is working and the moment you hear the alarm be ready to exit. Check your equipment before entering and all the emergency rescue equipment should be ready with you. Also be aware that these spaces are dark. Make sure the confined space is well lit to avoid any possible injuries. Finally confined areas are not safe to work therefore consider about all the dangers before you enter a confined space.