Preschool Education

One major dilemma faced by many parents is whether or not to send their children to pre-school. On the surface, it might seem like it’s something unnecessary, especially when you factor in the fact that you will have to pay for the admission and fees yourself.

Nevertheless, it is a much known fact that sending your kids to pre-school or to any other place providing similar childcare Ormeau services does indeed provide a lot of benefits. This can prove to be a lot more useful later on. Here are a few reasons to consider pre-schooling:

• Develop Language Skills – A pre-school is a very good place to enhance and further develop your child’s vocabulary. Children aged 3-5 learn language skills at a very quick rate, slowly beginning to speak longer sentences and more complex words. With the help of caretakers and teachers, they can improve their vocabulary and pronunciation skills much better due to coming in contact with many new words. 

• Interactions with Others – A pre-school is the perfect place for your child to make new friends and develop most of his social and emotional skills. This will probably be their very first experience in adapting to a new environment full of strangers who they will slowly get to know better. Children who are more active and social will easily be able to face these challengers, while it will also encourage the timider and more silent ones to make a few friends of their own. At first, many children will cry due to being left alone in a place with much unknowns to them. With time though, they will finally begin to adapt to this new environment.

• Plenty of Play Time – A common misconception about pre-schools is that they take away a lot of precious play time for the younger kids. While different pre-schools have different curricula, they will generally allocate a good chunk of time for children to engage in playing and other similar recreational activities. Such activities are vital to develop good motor skills in children. Often times, parents may find that their children will refuse to leave when doing some activities, even if it is time to go home.

• Helps to Create a Basis for Further Learning – While not mandatory, pre-schools do provide children a solid foundation which will help them as they go further up, from kindergarten to grade one. Children who attend pre-school will find it easier to grasp new concepts related to science, maths and languages than children who did not attended. A pre-school also establishes a basic student-teacher relationship, not much dissimilar from that found in schools. This will make the transition to a school environment to be much less of an issue and more of an evolution of what the child is accustomed to.

Therefore, even if you are still a bit reluctant to the idea, it would do your child very well to consider sending him or her to a preschool at this point in time.